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Story HE:
Age: roughly 50 years old, former professional athlete – volleyball, climbing, skiing, skialpinism, cycling, wricked knees, damaged meniscus … Average physical form, developed in rare free time after too many hours in the office on working days and on the weekends. Slightly overweight. Fitness exercise from time to time, stretching, no chance to do tennis or football any more. Ideal rehabilitation: sauna, whirlpool.
Health status: Knee arthrosis of the IIIrd stage, meniscus surgery, swollen knees, pain, sometimes pain on the back, skiing endurance with the pills just for 7 days, orthopedic brace, not to exaggerate, drinking some wine in the evening, after that a 2-week rehabilitation, injections to the knees, stem cell therapy (excellent help). Ideal status for skialps, trying to get to the form uphill, supposing knees shall endure one downhill (very carefully).
„I have to continue skiing”: Searching an alternative to the skis: something that does not put strength to the knees, prevents pain, supports physical form development. Conventional downhill requires more and more efforts, swollen knees - great for a family skiing trip, but almost no performance and no joy from the sport ….? In moments when things get worse – a café becomes an option. He asked Mr. Google for help – finding SKKI TRIKKE. After watching videos he concluded, that he might try – there is no binding needed, just standing upright position, knees movement up and down, no side rotations, a skier has a support from the „steering wheel”. Very nice skiing over moguls.
Decision: After trying a SKKI TRIKKE from the rental, a self-training lesson, 2 falls at the beginning to the back (a typical mistake of bending backwards) – the moment when reading a manual has become necessary. Byuing a new SKKI TRIKKE. Now he can ski with the SKKI TRIKKE all the day with no health issues, without any pain, without orthopedic brace reinforcement (stem cells therapy working well, too). Skiing in Lomnicke sedlo and in many European ski centers. During a skiing trip in Alps, he managed to ski more than 100 km with the SKKI TRIKKE – just downhill distance counted. The knees are not overstressed, ceased to ache (with help of stem cells therapy). In summer time a summer version of Trikke – 1 000 km / per 1 season on cycling routes.

Story SHE:
Age: More than 40 years old. Three children, there was not enough time nor the will to do sports. There has been plenty of “sports” in the household. Later on a final start of sports - aerobic, jump rope, jogging, cycling (slowly with children or not catching up the pace with her husband). Following years the decision to do something for herself came, therefore after a record cycling performance (500 km), few skialpinist trips in winter season, (uphill at the edge of forces, downhill horrified and distressed) and from time to time making a one day trip to the surroundings (with crying children and nervous husband). Later on when children rejected a daily care (except money), finally a first family winter holiday for one week managed to be done – stretching the knee cross ligament, plaster, pain – a long treatment afterwards. Summer again is better, bike (jogging forbidden), generous sports autumn – again aerobic (with the orthopedic plaster) and injury – a wricked ankle by jogging (of course the same leg), plaster for 1-month, rehabilitation for 2 months. Following winter, again skiing vacation – with pain and orthopedic reinforcement (just to be sure), slipping over on the route and cracked meniscus (of course the same knee). Plaster till summer, rehabilitation, summer is super: cycling, swimming in the sea, morning jogging (motto: I am already fit!). Autumn – a pure joy of living – yoga, stretching and fitness center – the spine plates started to ache, but it can be managed, I experienced worse things….an easy exercise, still pains in the back. Again winter, skiing attempt, meniscus, cardan joint pain, ankle not aching this time. As it is not wise to exaggerate, instead of high skiing performance during a winter skiing vacation getting tanned at the sunny terrace of a Val di Sole hotel on the slope becomes an option (with 1-2 drinks and grandma as a company) – great no cooking obligations! Classical questions followed (be or not to be) meaning ski or not to ski and the psychical status like “what will I do now“ – up to „I am not capable of doing anything any more!“.
Decision: One winter evening, at a party with the friends, getting convinced by a method of one bottle of white wine and a provocative statement „I will teach skiing on this goat (understand a SKKI TRIKKE) even a monkey within half day (others were drinking more) she agreed with a one day training on SKKI TRIKKE (in no other circumstances would she have agreed). Training lesson really took just one day. After the first day she felt pain on all over her body – muscle fever of her arms and hands. The knee in orthopedic brace was painless, neither a back nor an ankle worried. Training lesson was without any fall – unless we count an experience that „never get off the device when it is till moving“. After two weeks of market survey, she bought a used SKKI TRIKKE and she could join her family for skiing trips. On the third day with her own SKKI TRIKKE she mastered the black trail Chopok South – Kosodrevina. There is no trail in Slovakia (except perhaps Lomnické sedlo) that would be too difficult for her. She perhaps shall buy a new SKKI TRIKKE.

Story ... IT:
Age: More than 20 years old. A student and sportsman – performing all kinds of available sports, fitness, chasing girls. In winter time he rides the skis and the snowboard, taking a SKKI TRIKKE from his father always when he does not use it. It is different as the skis are, he starts to participate the SKKI TRIKKE competitions. After the first day of trying a SKKI TRIKKE – after three rides at Otupne he mastered a black trail from Lukova to Koliesko.

Story ...2. SHE:
Age: Around 45 years old. Survived a car crash few years ago. After a surgery she experiences a problem to bind the ski boots – too much painful. All day skiing is impossible. For a long time she has searched an alternative solution.
Decision: During a SKKI TRIKKE presentation she tried to ski with the device. As she can wear only comfortable trek shoes, she has no pain. She immediately purchased a new one leaving on the same day for a week of skiing in Dolomites (self-trained by help of the enclosed manual). Highly satisfied with the SKKI TRIKKE, all week skiing. „A beautiful skiing week with the SKKI TRIKKE, legs completely without any problems“. After returning home, she ordered an enclosure for a better travelling.

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